For over forty years, GT Exhaust has been a world-class supplier of solutions for sound attenuation and emissions suppression.  GT Exhaust specializes in producing both standard and custom units, working to meet any space or regulatory specifications required.  We pride ourselves on being able to meet your needs and surpass your expectations, and here’s why.

  • Extensive Knowledge and Experience – GT Exhaust has provided tens of thousands of industrial sound and emissions solutions since 1978.
  • Complete Solutions with Accessories – GT Exhaust extends a full line of standard accessories to provide complete solutions.  With accessories and customization options to supplement our high-quality sound and emissions units, we pride ourselves in offering complete solutions for sound and emissions challenges.
  • Proven Reliability – Standard products ship in two weeks from order confirmation, while GT Exhaust’s engineers stand ready to customize solutions for any sound attenuation or emissions challenge.
  • Engineered to Order (ETO) Products – Whether it is a 2 inch tube or a massive 40 foot tower exhaust silencer, GT Exhaust’s ability to engineer a custom solution is unparalleled by the industry.  Flexibility is the key to designing and developing any custom project, regardless of size and scope.  GT Exhaust has the expertise and resources to engineer and manufacture the perfect solution for you.